Now that it’s almost March, I finally received my February Birchbox.  It’s not their fault – I missed the shipment and my box has been sitting at my post office for just about forever.  This month’s box is themed around friendship as a way to stick it up to V-day.  I’m not kidding, the little card I received literally says, “February may be about a certain romance-focused holiday, but we’re just as thrilled to celebrate those people who cheer us on, calm us down, and -most importantly- make us laugh so hard we cry” (emphasis added).  Calling Valentine’s Day a “certain romance-focused holiday,” are we?  What, are we going back to calling Voldemort “He Who Must Not Be Named,” as well?  Pft.

Anyway, I think that a friendship-themed box is all cool and stuff, but I don’t understand how this box, by its design or contents, is related to friendship.  I’m about to show you what my box looks like, so you guys can tell me if you agree / disagree.  If you guys disagree, please tell me how you think my box embodies the meaning and/or celebration of friendship.  UNLESS…Birchbox is telling me that my life is so void of human love from friends, and that my only real friends now are makeup…in which case, well played, Birchbox, well played.  Also, I hate you.


At first glance, the pattern on the box seems to be random splotches (I was in a hurry to unbox).  But upon closer look, I can see that they are text messaging windows / chat boxes.  I guess that’s what they meant by friendship…but it’s not like people don’t chat or text with their significant others so …I still don’t buy it.

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For Christmas, I was gifted a subscription of Birchbox and although I’ve only received two boxes so far, I’m loving it!  Birchbox is a monthly subscription box service that costs $10 a month.  Every month, you will receive a box of 4-5 beauty or lifestyle samples tailored to you based on a quiz you take.  The point of the box if for you to try out new products without having to pay full product prices.

I knew once I received my first box that I wanted to do something with it on WordPress.  So the plan is to feature each box as they come on a monthly basis because I think it’s always fun comparing what you received against what someone else got.  I’ve decided not to do in-depth reviews on each product; I will just do an overview/first impression of the items in my box and then later do in-depth reviews on selected products that left a strong impression on me (love …or hate).

If you’re looking for in-depth reviews on every single product in the box, check out my fave, Beeju at  She features a whole variety of different subscription and non-subscription boxes, from beauty to snacks, to even boxes for the gaming/geek life!  Best of all, she is extremely transparent and honest in her reviews – something that I’ve come to appreciate and love about her. If you love boxes or want to learn more about the box culture, go follow her now!

1For my first box post, I’ve decided to go with the January box.  I did receive a December box, but it was not compiled based on my preferences.  Even though I really loved it, I’m starting with January because I rather show you guys a personalized box rather than a “generic” one.

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This post is on a box service called Memebox, which technically is not a subscription box because you don’t pay for a periodic subscription.  I use the term “Subscription Box” simply because it is widely used to describe services that send you a box of mystery goods at a fixed price.  Memebox is a Korean box service that fills their boxes with all of the best (or most hyped) products from Asia. Although it is a good way to try Asian products, I knew nothing about how they are priced on the Asian markets and worried about being ripped off.  But I eventually got suckered into trying one when Dani (from CoffeeBreakWithDani) collaborated with Memebox and came out with a box filled with products all handpicked by her.  I was initially very impressed with the CBWD box and eagerly browsed through Dani’s videos on Memebox unboxings to check out what their other boxes are like. But soon enough, I came across a video that confirmed all of my initial suspicions.

In Dani’s Memebox Unboxing of the 9th Edition Box, she talks about KeraSys Oriental Premium Shampoo.  According to Memebox, it’s purported retail value is $90 for a full-sized bottle at 600g – making the 200g sample we received worth $30.  On Amazon, the full-sized bottle is worth only $12.99.  At the local Asian markets near me here in the U.S., the full-sized is only worth $3.99 — we’re not talking about a $5 or $20 difference; we’re talking about a $86 difference here!  I then checked with a friend of mine in Korea and she told me that this brand is sold in the Korean version of Target over there, and that the most expensive product in this line is worth only $10 there for a huge bottle. Last time I checked, they don’t sell $90 shampoos in Target.

MEMEBOX, tell me how you can claim that a bottle of shampoo that is worth $3.99 to be worth $90?  It’s terrible how you try to trick us into thinking that what we paid is pale in comparison to the value of the box we receive.  I no longer trust this company and will never be ordering from them again.  Seriously, shame on them.


Memebox 9th Edition; picture straight from its website (  KeraSys Oriental Premium Shampoo included.

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