This post is on a box service called Memebox, which technically is not a subscription box because you don’t pay for a periodic subscription.  I use the term “Subscription Box” simply because it is widely used to describe services that send you a box of mystery goods at a fixed price.  Memebox is a Korean box service that fills their boxes with all of the best (or most hyped) products from Asia. Although it is a good way to try Asian products, I knew nothing about how they are priced on the Asian markets and worried about being ripped off.  But I eventually got suckered into trying one when Dani (from CoffeeBreakWithDani) collaborated with Memebox and came out with a box filled with products all handpicked by her.  I was initially very impressed with the CBWD box and eagerly browsed through Dani’s videos on Memebox unboxings to check out what their other boxes are like. But soon enough, I came across a video that confirmed all of my initial suspicions.

In Dani’s Memebox Unboxing of the 9th Edition Box, she talks about KeraSys Oriental Premium Shampoo.  According to Memebox, it’s purported retail value is $90 for a full-sized bottle at 600g – making the 200g sample we received worth $30.  On Amazon, the full-sized bottle is worth only $12.99.  At the local Asian markets near me here in the U.S., the full-sized is only worth $3.99 — we’re not talking about a $5 or $20 difference; we’re talking about a $86 difference here!  I then checked with a friend of mine in Korea and she told me that this brand is sold in the Korean version of Target over there, and that the most expensive product in this line is worth only $10 there for a huge bottle. Last time I checked, they don’t sell $90 shampoos in Target.

MEMEBOX, tell me how you can claim that a bottle of shampoo that is worth $3.99 to be worth $90?  It’s terrible how you try to trick us into thinking that what we paid is pale in comparison to the value of the box we receive.  I no longer trust this company and will never be ordering from them again.  Seriously, shame on them.


Memebox 9th Edition; picture straight from its website (  KeraSys Oriental Premium Shampoo included.

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The crazy changes in the weather lately has been an absolute terror for my skin.  I’m talking about crocodile legs, patchy dry areas on my scalp, ashy soles – the whole works.  The only thing that has remain the same is my face; my T-zone has been as oily as ever (the one thing that will never change, it seems).  So I have been in a huge skincare kick lately, which not only means that I’m taking extra time to care for my skin, but also means that I’m experimenting with new products that might, or might not be, so new on the market.  The latest product that I’ve tried is the Daiso Japan Natural Pack Charcoal Peel Off Mask.

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I have been wanting to pick up the Charcoal & Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask by Freeman for a while now but never got a chance to stop by my local drugstore.  I recently went to Ulta to return something and figured I might as well pick up the mask there, but of course Ulta did not have that particular mask in stock.  LP dropped by earlier this week and, knowing that I wanted it, decided to get me a sample sized version of the mask for me to try.


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