One of my best friends from grad school is in town for two days, so naturally, we are spending both days together.  Man, seeing her in person made me realize that I miss her much more than I thought I did.  We talk everyday, but it’s not the same.  For 3 years, we lived three minutes from each other so our days were always filled with spontaneous coffee runs, mall crawls, dessert hunts, and you know…everything but studying.  Anyway, she’s one of the biggest reasons why I want to move to Texas.  It’s actually pretty funny because T. wants to move to Texas for the same reason.  His best friend just moved there last year and he hasn’t stop talking about moving to Texas ever since.  I mean, T. and I are each other’s “other half” …but our other other halves are both in Texas.  Let’s face it, Texas and I are just meant to be.  I still ♥ New York.  Just not that much.

Ok, onto less sappier subjects.  While riding out to meet her yesterday, I stumbled upon my old gym music playlists.  Do you guys have gym playlists of your own?  I’ve stopped going to the gym ever since I moved back to the city, where gym memberships costs $800 annually on the cheap side. Danggit, New York Sports Club.  My mom has been hinting that she’s going to get me a gym membership as a birthday present this year, which I mean, I’m not sure if I should be pleased by her overwhelming generosity or annoyed that she is pressuring me again to lose weight.  But hey, if it means I can get back on the elliptical and do yoga classes again, I’m in!

I want to update my playlists in preparation.  I generally have two: one for when I do strength-training and one when I do cardio/running.  Most of my songs are old, although I did add a recent Big Sean one.  What songs do you listen to while you exercise?  Share yours with me and help me build my list!  I won’t pay you though – or here, I’ll pay you in high-fives.  This is what I have so far: Read More


I don’t post about music as much as I probably should, and I’m hoping to change that by sharing with you what I am currently listening to (and loving) every month.  I do keep up with the Top 100, but a lot of the music I will be sharing will most likely come from stuff deep in my music library – a.k.a. old stuff.  I have been very careful not to institute scheduled postings on this blog because my life have been on quite an erratic schedule lately.  But I do hope to try this monthly thing out and do what I always do – hope for the best.

My plan is to share with you the top 5 songs, listed in no particular order, that I am currently listening to or am loving on a monthly basis.  With each song, I will include a “Lyrical Highlight,” in which I will share a sentence or two from the song that I found particularly interesting or that I really enjoyed.  Of course for instrumentals lacking vocals, there will be no lyrical highlights.  Anyway, let’s get started.

Monthly Listenings, October 2014 Ed.

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iHeartRadio world premiered Maroon 5’s new single off their upcoming album (“V”) this morning.  I admit that I’m not the biggest fan of Maroon 5, but I was addicted to this song after the first listen.  My local radio station is already playing it at the top of the hour, every hour…this song is going to be a mega-hit this summer, forreals.

There’s very little music worth listening to these days.  Somewhere along the lines of halfway growing up, I started to really dislike music.  Disconnect, alienation, a poverty of taste; music morphed into something that was only a means to different ends for me.  It was never an end itself.

I do not, by nature, enjoy music.  But occasionally, it happens and for a split second I feel like someone on earth is finally traveling on the same wavelength as me.  And then a spectacular event happens that can only be described as an implosion of beautiful.

I tend to stay away from music designed solely to alter your mood, but I selectively approve of those designed to alter your life.  I am not ashamed, it’s actually a habit that I am quite proud of.