Hi guysss.  So I was nominated a million years ago by the ever-so-lovely Arlene over at Puffing Colors for the Versatile Blogger Award.  This is my first blogger award and honestly, I can’t imagine a more perfect award to receive!  My blog is mainly about gaming, anime/tv, food, and beauty …they are all such big subjects in my life and I couldn’t limit my blog to just one.  Anyway, I humbly accept this award and, in turn, nominate 15 other wonderful bloggers.  But before the nominations, here are the rules and stuff.


– Show the award on your blog.
– Thank the person who nominated you.
– Share seven facts about yourself.
– Nominate 15 blogs.
– Link your nominees’ blogs, and let them know.

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I realize that I have some new followers on here and that this might, or might not, be the first post by me that you’re reading since adding me.  All I can say is, let’s try to keep this a judgment-free zone. I’m not that weird, I promise.  Okay, half-promise.

On January 14, 2015, Dora made a post about boobs regarding the hunt for sports bras.  On the same day, Margaret over at Very Bangled also made a boob post on how weird they really are.  So here I am, fashionably tardy as always, with my post about boobs.  Except mine is about the perfect shirt to announce that you are a proud owner of some of ’em darlings.

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One of my best friends from grad school is in town for two days, so naturally, we are spending both days together.  Man, seeing her in person made me realize that I miss her much more than I thought I did.  We talk everyday, but it’s not the same.  For 3 years, we lived three minutes from each other so our days were always filled with spontaneous coffee runs, mall crawls, dessert hunts, and you know…everything but studying.  Anyway, she’s one of the biggest reasons why I want to move to Texas.  It’s actually pretty funny because T. wants to move to Texas for the same reason.  His best friend just moved there last year and he hasn’t stop talking about moving to Texas ever since.  I mean, T. and I are each other’s “other half” …but our other other halves are both in Texas.  Let’s face it, Texas and I are just meant to be.  I still ♥ New York.  Just not that much.

Ok, onto less sappier subjects.  While riding out to meet her yesterday, I stumbled upon my old gym music playlists.  Do you guys have gym playlists of your own?  I’ve stopped going to the gym ever since I moved back to the city, where gym memberships costs $800 annually on the cheap side. Danggit, New York Sports Club.  My mom has been hinting that she’s going to get me a gym membership as a birthday present this year, which I mean, I’m not sure if I should be pleased by her overwhelming generosity or annoyed that she is pressuring me again to lose weight.  But hey, if it means I can get back on the elliptical and do yoga classes again, I’m in!

I want to update my playlists in preparation.  I generally have two: one for when I do strength-training and one when I do cardio/running.  Most of my songs are old, although I did add a recent Big Sean one.  What songs do you listen to while you exercise?  Share yours with me and help me build my list!  I won’t pay you though – or here, I’ll pay you in high-fives.  This is what I have so far: Read More

Welcome to my new blog, everyone!  This is formerly supdarling over at well, supdarling.  I’ve been planning to move to a new blog for some time now but kept putting it off because I was dreading the migration process and then I got caught up with all the holiday festivities.  Then I discovered the import and export functions on WordPress and, let’s just say that fairy lights started glowing everywhere and angels started to sing from a distance.  Seriously, thank you WordPress for making this move so seamless with no broken links or other random shenanigans.

I will save you all the “New Year, New me!” explanations and just tell you all that I’ve missed being on here very much.  I went ahead and added all of you again because I really enjoy reading your blog and/or interacting with you, and if you will have little ol’ me back in your WordPress lives, I’ll be super grateful.  If not, I’ll just creep your life on my spiffy Reader, ain’t no big.

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You may or may not know this about me, but I’m not terribly into fashion.  Beauty?  Absolutely.  But fashion?  Not so much.  My mom, on the other hand, has been working in the fashion industry for years and knows quite a thing or two about what’s trending and what’s not.  And yes, I rely on her completely to stay well-dressed.

Anyway, momma came home beaming today because she heard that a piece she worked on a few months ago from LE Trench was featured recently in Harper’s Bazaar.  LE Trench is a new line launched by Christian Dior’s publicist, Dianne Vavra.  Quoted directly from its website, “LE Trench is a modern interpretation of the iconic – and endlessly chic – all season classic.  The debut design of LE Trench is modeled after a 1950’s leopard-print coat discovered in the basement of a vintage shop in Paris.” Guess what, guys?  My mom helped bring that design to life!

The LE Trench is now available in LE Noir, LE Serpent, and LE Rouge.  I remember her bringing the prototype of LE Rouge home to finish off some of the final details.  And yes, I helped model it for her so she could get the specs just right.  I’m so proud of my mom, but too bad I couldn’t keep it …I went completely unpaid for my “modeling” services!

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 9.47.05 PM

The LE Trench sells for $495.00 and is available on its website at  You can also find a select few boutiques that carry them in NY, LA, D.C., and Paris.

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Over ten years ago, I met an extremely talented, beautiful, and amazing woman by the name of Isabel Reid.  Although we met online, our friendship has proven to be stronger than many of the ones forged offline.  For all the years we have known each other, she has served as my inspiration, my guidance counselor, my sister, my therapist, my biggest advocate, and one of my greatest friends.  With all that said, I am immensely proud of her for becoming one of the Lincolnite’s newest columnists and am so excited that more people will now get to see the world through Belle’s eyes.

Belle grew up in South Ayrshire, Scotland and recently made the move to Lincoln to live her partner. She primarily writes children’s literature and has several written projects in the works.  Being her friend has its perks, as I have had a few very generous sneak peeks into her latest projects.  I greatly look forward to sharing more about her stories.  Hopefully I will be able to get some snippets to share as well.  Until then though, my lips (or fingers?) are sealed.

For now, you can check her out monthly on the Lincolnite.  Through her column, she will share her perspective on being a live-in tourist in Lincoln.  Whether you’re from there or plan to travel there one day, her column will prove to be an entertaining read.  Check her out!

“Learning the Lincolnshire lingo” —



This post is for all you friends out there who feel stuck in a rut, pummeled by this thing called life, and feel like nothing you do can bring about the change you are so craving.  You can see what you want for yourself, and perhaps you have gotten so close before that you nearly tasted it.  But here you are, waking up to the same ceiling, yelling through the same arguments, and going back to the same corner where dreams are meant to be forgotten and tolerance becomes your only exercised virtue.

We have all been there one way or the other, and for many of us, we have been there more than once.  For those of you who are currently in this position, I want to share with you a message from Pastor Kimberly Jones Pothier that I found particularly up-lifting.  I hope her message will bring you the inspiration and motivation you need to start looking and working toward the life that you were destined to live.

“There was never a miracle in the Bible without there first being a problem.”


I haven’t developed a crush in so long that I thought there was something wrong with me. But no, the reality was that there was something wrong with all men but one: they’re not this guy. I would give up a burger for him; now that’s serious.  I’ve been dreaming of a true love’s kiss…

Grandpa made Bún Bò Xào (Vietnamese Stir Fry Beef with Vermicelli Noodles) today. Some people prefer raw bean sprouts, but I like mines cooked – preferably with the beef. You know, just like how gramps makes it. ;)

Now that I am back in the city again, I have much more time to catch up with old friends, go out for drinks, grab dinner, etc.  And while those situations are welcomed, they come with two topics that I just cannot stand to go through, but do so all the time.  The most annoying of the two is marriage.  Please excuse me while I roll my eyes until they snap permanently behind my head.

Ok, so T. and I have been together for a long time now and I get that people are naturally expecting either some matrimonial bliss or discord out of it.  I think we know each other going on 8 years now, which means that a lot of my elementary, high school, and undergrad friends were there when our relationship ~blossomed~ into what it is now.  But that does not give anyone the right to keep asking about when we are getting married, why we are not getting married yet, and then make assumptions on their own about why we are not tying the knot (this usually takes the discussion down the road of does his mother hate or not hate my ass).

If you are my friend, which I would consider you to be if I’m hanging out with you, then you will obviously know when we are engaged.  This isn’t some weird game of hide the ball where I secretly plot to leave you out of my entire wedding.  Honestly, maybe the question you should be asking is what you are to me for you to be so worried that I might be withholding marriage information from you.  It’s just as ridiculous of a question, so why not?

And I do love my friends, but some of them just get so outrageously angry and impatient on my behalf for not getting married yet.  Is that really necessary?  Then there are also those friends who lecture me about marriage as if I or T. have a bad case of commitment phobia (stuff along the lines of “nothing will change with marriage, it’s just another day!”).  And again, I ask, is that really necessary?  Sometimes I wake up and find that all my friends are psychologists, analyzing my life and giving me different approaches on how I should finally, finally, become a Mrs.

Today I chatted with an elementary school friend of mine that I hang out with once or twice a year.  We ain’t super close, but we have a long, long history of friendship between us.  First thing that she sends me is, “Hey!  How are you?  Are you still with T.?”  It is disheartening to know that my well-being is now merged in with a question regarding my boyfriend; I am no longer my own person, apparently.  So knowing that the “when are you getting married” question will come up, I quickly said that we are, indeed, still together and doing well.  I also said in the same message that we are not engaged yet, and are still trying to figure out the best time to get married.  Her answer: Oh nice, so when are you guys getting married?”

Oh, Lord. Next time they ask, I should just tell them that we’ve broken up.