One of my best friends from grad school is in town for two days, so naturally, we are spending both days together.  Man, seeing her in person made me realize that I miss her much more than I thought I did.  We talk everyday, but it’s not the same.  For 3 years, we lived three minutes from each other so our days were always filled with spontaneous coffee runs, mall crawls, dessert hunts, and you know…everything but studying.  Anyway, she’s one of the biggest reasons why I want to move to Texas.  It’s actually pretty funny because T. wants to move to Texas for the same reason.  His best friend just moved there last year and he hasn’t stop talking about moving to Texas ever since.  I mean, T. and I are each other’s “other half” …but our other other halves are both in Texas.  Let’s face it, Texas and I are just meant to be.  I still ♥ New York.  Just not that much.

Ok, onto less sappier subjects.  While riding out to meet her yesterday, I stumbled upon my old gym music playlists.  Do you guys have gym playlists of your own?  I’ve stopped going to the gym ever since I moved back to the city, where gym memberships costs $800 annually on the cheap side. Danggit, New York Sports Club.  My mom has been hinting that she’s going to get me a gym membership as a birthday present this year, which I mean, I’m not sure if I should be pleased by her overwhelming generosity or annoyed that she is pressuring me again to lose weight.  But hey, if it means I can get back on the elliptical and do yoga classes again, I’m in!

I want to update my playlists in preparation.  I generally have two: one for when I do strength-training and one when I do cardio/running.  Most of my songs are old, although I did add a recent Big Sean one.  What songs do you listen to while you exercise?  Share yours with me and help me build my list!  I won’t pay you though – or here, I’ll pay you in high-fives.  This is what I have so far: Read More


I haven’t developed a crush in so long that I thought there was something wrong with me. But no, the reality was that there was something wrong with all men but one: they’re not this guy. I would give up a burger for him; now that’s serious.  I’ve been dreaming of a true love’s kiss…

Grandpa made Bún Bò Xào (Vietnamese Stir Fry Beef with Vermicelli Noodles) today. Some people prefer raw bean sprouts, but I like mines cooked – preferably with the beef. You know, just like how gramps makes it. ;)

LP visited me two days ago and being the terrible, terrible person that she is, she forced these two things onto me (PLUS a bunch of cake and cookies for my family). Isn’t she the most evil person ever? UGH, RUDE. But yeah, we played Destiny last night. It was FANTASTIC. We are planning a review of the game for Critiquesque once I we play a bit more. So excite!

Happy Father’s Days, fathers and grandfathers!  While my dad and I were waiting outside a store for my mom today, we spotted this little gem in our neighborhood.  Immediately, we both whipped out our phones and snapped a shot.  We thought it was the funniest (and at the same time, saddest) thing in the world.  I apologize beforehand if this offends any bike owners out there.

Take no prisoners.