I am not a chocoholic, but I do like chocolate enough to visit restaurants and dessert bars that specially cater to chocolate lovers.  I particularly love The Chocolate Room in Cobble Hill because we share the same motto: “there’s always room for chocolate.”  No matter how stuffed I am to the brim with the savory, I always have room for the sweet.  Since I often visit my favorite cluster of restaurants in Cobble Hill, The Chocolate Room is always a short jog away.  And yes, I absolutely use the short jog as justification for the amount of chocolate I eat later in celebration…because all short jogs are meant to be celebrated.


Before ordering, the wait staff always bring around a little treat for you to sample. They rotate between the chocolate sorbet, chocolate chip almond cake, and their super popular chocolate layer cake.

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So before yesterday’s post, I have been gone for a hot minute.  (I’ve always wanted to use that phrase, you don’t know how accomplished I feel right now.)  Things got really busy around Thanksgiving, which overlaps with my grandpa’s birthday; he’s 81!  Thanksgiving was awesome.  My family and I had a huge dinner over an in-depth conversation on World War II.  We all like history in our house, but different time periods.  My dad and grandpa are obsessed with World War II and I’m all about Ancient Civilizations.  Oh well, I make do.

But with how busy and chaotic it got around here, guess what I still made time for?  THE WALKING DEAD MID-SEASON FINALE, of course!  Ok, let us all pause for a moment of silence.  It’s been more than a week and I’m still not over it…I didn’t think I’d be hit this hard, but yes, waterworks happened, screaming happened, followed by a prolonged feeling of numbness.  Alright, I’ll stop being dramatic but it was a big deal!  If you watched that episode, you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, now that we have a long and unwanted break from new episodes, I thought it would be a great time to do a TWD Tag.  Dora @ notyourrolemodel (except she is) helped me with a few questions and now I present to you:

The Walking Dead Tag

1. Walkers, Lurkers, Biters, Lame-brains, Geeks, or Rotters, which is it?
2. You just woke up to a zombie apocalypse.  What is your weapon of choice?
3. Now that you have your weapon, choose your partner.  Who will it be?
4. Location is everything, where will your camp be?
5. Who is dead that you wish were still alive?
6. Who is alive that you wish were dead?
7. Which character is the most evil of all time?
8. If you had a baby during an apocalypse, which character would you put in charge to care for your child?
9. Hey leader, your call: the needs of your loved ones or the needs of many?
10. What’s the biggest lesson TWD taught you about surviving a zombie apocalypse?

I’M TAGGING: Very Bangled, NotYourRoleModel, and anyone out there who is a TWD fan.  Do it!  Tag yourself, tag your friends, tag someone.  Feel free to copy all the questions into a post of your own or just comment below with your answers.  And feel free to use as much TWD gifs as you want.  Spread the TWD love!


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This post is inspired by my friend Dora, who asked about what must-have items a starter makeup kit should contain.  I am not a beauty blogger, but I do have a strong, strong addiction to makeup that borderlines creepy and disturbing.  So in the spirit of my creepiness, I bring you what I believe, are the building blocks of a basic makeup toolbox.  First things first: reach deep down inside of you and figure out what your makeup philosophy is.  Yes, that’s right.  Do it.  Why do you want to wear makeup?  Is it merely to coverup your perceived imperfections?  Or is makeup more of a burdensome accessory that you want to pull out only on special occasions (much like a pair of killer high heels)?  Knowing why you want to smear warpaint on your face will help guide you through your shopping choices and save money on overhyped items that you will never actually use.

This post will be organized into 2 categories: “necessities” and “bonus items,” followed by recommended products, all tried-and-true.  Think of the makeup journey as going from looking sick to normal, then finally to glam (or chic, romantic, whatever your style is).  With a fresh face sans makeup, I look sick.  Actually, with my dark under eye circles, I look more like a walker.  So the items I have in my “necessities” pile bring me from sick to normal.  Then if I want to go a bit further, I’ll use the items in my “bonus” pile to go from just normal to glam.  Make sense?  I hope so, I’m terrible with explaining stuff.  Did I mention I’m not a beauty blogger?

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Pandora Hearts is a short, 25-episode series based on a manga written an illustrated by Jun Mochizuki.  I really looked forward to watching this show after reading about its premise and seeing that it contained a lot of Alice in Wonderland imagery.  Despite its popularity, I found it to be severely lacking for several reasons.  Keep in mind that I have only watched the anime and am basing my review on such; I’m sure (or at least, greatly hope) that the manga is much, much better.  Watch out for spoilers below!


RATING: 5/10

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Let’s talk TWD; let’s talk Crossed.  It was a complete visual buffet, wasn’t it?  We got to follow along with Rick’s group, Abraham’s group, and Beth’s “group.”  While we got teased a bit on what happened with each group, just like a buffet, we didn’t get a complete satisfactory resolution.  Rick’s group still has not rescued Beth’s group; Abraham’s group is still stuck on the middle of the highway; and Beth’s group is still at the hospital.  But guess what?  I still loved this episode mainly because I’m just so proud of all the characters and with how far they’ve come along.  Seriously, I feel like a momma bird watching her little birdies fly.  Watch out for spoilers!


Here is a brief summary on who I’m proud of and why:

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I recently met up with a few friends who are visiting from out-of-state and we decided to try out The Little Owl located in Greenwich Village.  The restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine and is a highly recommended local favorite for casual dining.  Since my friends and I have not been here before, we decided to check it out to see what all the buzz was about.


Lunch @ The Little Owl

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You may or may not know this about me, but I’m not terribly into fashion.  Beauty?  Absolutely.  But fashion?  Not so much.  My mom, on the other hand, has been working in the fashion industry for years and knows quite a thing or two about what’s trending and what’s not.  And yes, I rely on her completely to stay well-dressed.

Anyway, momma came home beaming today because she heard that a piece she worked on a few months ago from LE Trench was featured recently in Harper’s Bazaar.  LE Trench is a new line launched by Christian Dior’s publicist, Dianne Vavra.  Quoted directly from its website, “LE Trench is a modern interpretation of the iconic – and endlessly chic – all season classic.  The debut design of LE Trench is modeled after a 1950’s leopard-print coat discovered in the basement of a vintage shop in Paris.” Guess what, guys?  My mom helped bring that design to life!

The LE Trench is now available in LE Noir, LE Serpent, and LE Rouge.  I remember her bringing the prototype of LE Rouge home to finish off some of the final details.  And yes, I helped model it for her so she could get the specs just right.  I’m so proud of my mom, but too bad I couldn’t keep it …I went completely unpaid for my “modeling” services!

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 9.47.05 PM

The LE Trench sells for $495.00 and is available on its website at http://www.le-trench.com/.  You can also find a select few boutiques that carry them in NY, LA, D.C., and Paris.

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Over ten years ago, I met an extremely talented, beautiful, and amazing woman by the name of Isabel Reid.  Although we met online, our friendship has proven to be stronger than many of the ones forged offline.  For all the years we have known each other, she has served as my inspiration, my guidance counselor, my sister, my therapist, my biggest advocate, and one of my greatest friends.  With all that said, I am immensely proud of her for becoming one of the Lincolnite’s newest columnists and am so excited that more people will now get to see the world through Belle’s eyes.

Belle grew up in South Ayrshire, Scotland and recently made the move to Lincoln to live her partner. She primarily writes children’s literature and has several written projects in the works.  Being her friend has its perks, as I have had a few very generous sneak peeks into her latest projects.  I greatly look forward to sharing more about her stories.  Hopefully I will be able to get some snippets to share as well.  Until then though, my lips (or fingers?) are sealed.

For now, you can check her out monthly on the Lincolnite.  Through her column, she will share her perspective on being a live-in tourist in Lincoln.  Whether you’re from there or plan to travel there one day, her column will prove to be an entertaining read.  Check her out!

“Learning the Lincolnshire lingo” — http://thelincolnite.co.uk/2014/11/learning-lincolnshire-lingo/



I hope all of you are having a warm and toasty weekend.  I’m here in my snuggie, bopping to some Christmas songs …yes, it’s that time of the year already!  I have been watching quite a lot of television lately (thanks to à la Netflix), and one of the shows I’ve been watching is Chopped.  Does anyone else here watch Food Network shows?  Am I the only guilty one here?


In each show, four different contestants are each given a mystery basket of ingredients to work with. Their task is to create a dish incorporating all of the ingredients given to them while using other ingredients from the fridge or pantry as they like.  The challenge in the first round is to create an appetizer within 20 minutes.  The challenge in the second round is to create an entree within 30 minutes.  And the challenge in the last round is to create a dessert item within 30 minutes.  So far, I am enjoying the first season and am sometimes envious of the judges for getting to try such great food.  There are some factors though, that make me thankful I’m not a judge on this show.

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Noragami is a very short anime series consisting of only 12 episodes and 2 OVAs (manga ongoing).  I started watching this series at Sunite’s (@ Daily Anime Art) recommendation and was instantaneously hooked.  I rarely come across anime shows where I’m instantly impressed from the first episode, so this was definitely a welcomed surprised.


RATING: 7/10

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